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If you have kids who are just getting into sonic, this show is a good introduction as it includes most of the game characters from the modern era and is an entertaining time. Sonic x season 4 episode 30 sonic and amys best moment part 1 by trueloveheart94. Sensationalrunt we all know what happened on the last episode of sonic x. It was made for fun, for free and is intended to be shared for free. Watch sonic x season 1, episode 1 enter the supersonic hedgehog when sonic heads off to eggmans base to save his friends cream and cheese, chaos. I bet we can see it easier if we get a birds eye view. Sonic boom season 2 episode 4 alone again, unnaturally. Summer was a very important season to the people because of the great festivals and parties that. Sonic x season 4 episode 30 sonic and amys best moment part 2 by trueloveheart94. Sonic x is the fourth season of the 20032006 animated tvseries sonic x.

Sonikku ekkusu is a japanese anime television series based on segas sonic the hedgehog video game series. A mission gone awry transports sonic the hedgehog, his friends, dr. Episodes 5378, which are collectively known as series 2, never aired on tv or released on dvd in japan, but were. Eggman, who is up to his old tricks as usual, is announcing that hes back and is going to rule the world. Its original run was on sundays in japan from 6 april 2003 to 28 march 2004 with 52 episodes in total which are collectively known in japan as series 1. Sonic was able to jump pretty high, because of his speed and momentum, while the two powerpuff girls were able to fly up towards where sonics. Episode 1 2010 sonic rush adventure 2007 sonic rush 2005 sonic advance 3 2004. The further adventures of max the dog and his furry animal friends. Running out of time is the fiftieth episode of the anime series, sonic x. To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider. The tall, yellow robot asks as he hands him the deck of cars. On the morning news the president reports about the merging planets and spending the last day with sonic and the others until. A slight malfunction causes chaos control, and sends sonic the hedgehog to earth. Lp sonic boom shattered crystal episode 10 sonic vs shadow again.

Sonic x is an anime series based on the sonic the hedgehog video game series. It originally ran consecutively on sundays from april 6. I read today that there is a rumor that sonic x season 4 will come out in june 2010 in the usa. The show was a much bigger hit in the west with some of the stronger viewership ratings on its tv blocks. Things seemed peaceful enough until the wailing of an infant filled the air. Sonic et ses amis doivent retrouver les 7 emeraudes du chaos qui ont ete dispersees. Sonic, shadow, tails, knuckles, amy, eggman, metal sonic, sticks, silver and blaze. Season 2 episode 4 alone again, unnaturally tvgn2000. Episode i is a 2010 sidescrolling platform game developed by dimps, with assistance from sonic team, and published by sega. Tails shot cosmo so that the galaxy was saved once and for all and the metarex was stopped. Old ally, new nuisance it was a peaceful, starry night where seven creatures relaxed on a hill near the master emerald shrine. Its the sonic show that feels closest to the modern series of games and is nice to revisit 16 years after it first aired. Sonic arrives and is attacked by eggman and e18 but eggman drops the emerald and sonic grabs it and destroys the robots and eggmans base. Sonic boom season 2 episode 7 i can sea sonics fear.

The following is a list of episode summaries of sonic x, an anime based on the sonic the hedgehog video game series. Sonic x season 4 episode 30 sonic and amys best moment part 3 by trueloveheart94. Watch all 26 sonic x episodes from season 2,view pictures, get episode information and more. Season 4 by neotails57 majormilesfan with 771 reads. A teenage girl is raised underground by a robot mother, designed to repopulate the earth following an extinction event. This one involves more characters and making a portal to their friend chris world. They find themselves in the human world where sonic finds a new friend, a young boy named chris. This part will kinda be slow, but will get you a good idea on what most of the characters are up to. Obviously, the idea was to recreate the experience of the first sonic the thrill of finding new pathways. Sonic 4 is a nice blending of classic sonic with a few wrinkles to make it feel fresh. As the time runs short for chaos control to send sonic back to his world before the two worlds merge, chris and sonic say their good byes one last time. View mobile site jokeypsych endgamehonest galaxyquest.

It originally ran consecutively on sundays from april 6, 2003 to march 28, 2004 with a total of 52 episodes collectively known as the japanese series 1. I just finish making episode 8 of sonic x season 4. They later released the 4disc dvd set, sonic x collection 2 in north america, which includes the english dubbed season 3 episodes 5378. Sonic x tvy7 animation, adventure, kids, international, anime tv series 2003 during a mission on mobius to rescue cream the rabbit and cheese the chao from dr. Meanwhile, tails, amy, and cream encounter a spaceship thats crashlanded to their planet during a meteoer shower. Sonic speeds through battles with eggman, trying to retrieve all of the chaos emeralds so that everyone can go back home. Sonic finds a meteor in space while on search for another chaos emerald. It first aired on 28 march 2004 and 26 march 2005 in japan and the united states, respectively. A new start is the fifty second episode of the anime series sonic x, as well as the final episode of season 2 series 1 in the japanese version.

Sonic saves tails and chris from e51 while eggman makes off with the chaos emerald, at eggmans base knuckles appears and helps rouge plant explosives but they end up trapped. At eggmans base, he watches the city on his wall of monitors. Metarex seed continues to grow into its final form and sonic and his team are unable to stop it. Eggmans headquarters, sonic and his friends are caught in an explosion that transports them to another dimension occupied by humans. Aster was crying as ella was trying to calm her with a rattle, but with no success. Produced by tms entertainment under partnership with sega and sonic team, and directed by hajime kamegaki, sonic x initially ran for fiftytwo episodes, broadcasting on tv tokyo from april 6, 2003 to march 28, 2004. With sayaka aoki, amy birnbaum, nobutoshi canna, james carter cathcart. Sonic boom season 2 episode 5 the biggest fan december 10, 2016. Sonic boom season 2 episode 4 alone again, unnaturally hd sonic games hd. This is the seventh episode of sonic x entitled party hardly. Sonic activates chaos control in his battle against dark oak, most formidable enemy hes faced thus far, to scatter the emeralds across the galaxy. Season 1 episode 14 thats what friends are for 122003.

Sonic x season 4 episode 84 metal sonic returns youtube. Chris is unable to come to terms with the idea of parting with sonic and decides to run away with sonic. Has potential, please above everything else develop your sound a bit for someone wearing headphones being blasted with white noise every couple of minutes is somewhat painful. In this episode, its gonna be a crazy day for all of them. Summer, the one thing that everyone looked forward to on the planet of mobius. A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the tv series sonic x. List of sonic x episodes sonic news network fandom. The show was originally supposed to end with the 2nd season and no plans were made in japan to produce another due to the low viewership over there.

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