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The heartwood can be dark reddish brown to light yellowbrown or brown with occasional pink tinge and dark redpurple stripes. Myristica laurella gandoger myristica moschata thunb. Myristica laurella gandoger myristica aromatica sw. Myristica fragrans is an evergreen tree indigenous to the moluccas or the spice islands of indonesia. In this chapter, a synopsis of the pharmacological and phytochemical studies of this spicy plant will be provided, with emphasis on nutmegs and mace. Its medicinal uses in the aurvedic system of treatment are based on traditional experience inherited from one generation to other. Nutmeg myristica fragrans houtt is an evergreen thick shady tree which. Nutmeg myristica fragrans houtt is one of the commodities which highly economic value. Ameliorative effect of myristica fragrans nutmeg extract. They are used in all parts of the world for both as food flavours and for medicinal uses. Fatty acids and leaf amino acids in myristica fragrans and.

We do not intend the plant list to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. Nutmeg is the dried, ripe seed kernel of myristica fragrans houtt. Evaluation of nutmeg myristica fragrans houtt as active component. Antibacterial activity of myristica fragrans against oral. Fatty acids and leaf amino acids in myristica fragrans and its wild taxa k. When the mature fruit splits open, the nutmeg stony endocarp or seed surrounded by a red, slightly fleshy network or aril is exposed. Group v was given cadmium for the first three weeks followed by myristica fragrans for the fourth and fifth weeks. Ethanolic extract of myristica fragrans houtt seeds. The essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation of the fruits oil of myristica fragrans houtt nutmeg collected from andaman nicobar island the oil was analyzed by gc and gcms. Myristica fragrans is an evergreen tree that produces two spices, nutmeg and mace.

Myristica fragrans houtt, commonly known as jathikka and javitri in india, belongs to the family myristicaceae. Myristica philippinensis gandoger palala fragrans houtt. It is important as the main source of the spices nutmeg and mace. Chemical diversity and pharmacological significance of the secondary metabolites of nutmeg myristica fragrans houtt. The structures of the compounds were identified by employing various spectroscopic methods.

Nutmeg is mostly used in cameroon for its flavor in making cake. Hemin is a potentially cytotoxic factor that can act as an efficient prooxidant. The plant list includes a further 20 scientific plant names of infraspecific rank for the genus myristica. Twenty eight compounds were identified, accounting for 92. Ars germplasm resources information network myfr3 calphotos myfr3. Pdf chemical constituents from myristica fragrans fruit. We have no further information for this species, but the following is the general information for the wood of trees in this genus. Myristica fragrans is a unique spice as it produces two economically important spices, nutmeg and mace. An myristica fragrans in uska species han magnoliopsida nga ginhulagway ni maarten willem houttuyn. Media in category myristica fragrans the following 117 files are in this category, out of 117 total. Apart from these two, previously known steroids, other lignans and neolignans were isolated from the fruit pericarp of m. Meat products are considered highly perishable foods because of their physical, chemical and.

Effects of ethanolic extract of myristica fragrans houtt. Note as nutmeg and mace are obtained from the same plant, it was considered preferable. Spices of india spices under the purview of the spices board english common botanical family partused name name name as spice. Nutmeg and mace have been used in indian cooking and folk medicine. The aim of this study was to assess oxidative stress and histological changes in the pancreas of alloxaninduced diabetic rats following myristica fragrans seed nutmeg extract treatment. It is widely grown across the tropics including guangdong and yunnan in china, taiwan, indonesia, malaysia, grenada in the caribbean, kerala in india, sri lanka and south america. Accepted name nutmeg plantae tracheophyta magnoliopsida magnoliales myristicaceae myristica myristica fragrans houtt. Itis taxonomy is based on the latest scientific consensus available, and is provided as a general reference source for interested parties. China, flora of panama, mesoamericana, nicaragua, panama, wbn db common names. Health and nutritional benefits of nut meg mystica. It hastens the process of suppuration and shortens the period. It is cultivated in the malayan peninsula, penang and the malay islands.

Myristica fragrans houtt is mostly cultivated for spices in penang island, malaysia. Chemical constituents from myristica fragrans fruit. Ground and whole sweet marjoram shall be derived from the majorana hortensis moench plant and shall. Introduction macearil seed pericarp nutmeg seeds contain 20% to 40% of a fixed oil commonly called nutmeg butter this oil contains myristic acid, trimyristin, and glycerides of lauric. Learn how to pronounce myristica fragrans and more about the myristica fragrans word at. Myristica fragrans houtt commonly used as traditional medicine for alleviating of various disorders.

Palala fragrans kuntze myristica philippinensis gandoger myristica moschata thunb. Antioxidant activities of two commercial spices, myristica fragrans houtt, nutmeg and pimenta dioica l. However, it is used traditionnaly in many other countries for several purposes, including. Nutmeg is a widely used food spice that has received attention as an alternative hallucinogen. The fruit, which is called as drupe or a nutmeg apple, is similar in appearance to a peach or an apricot fig 2. Data source and references for myristica fragrans nutmeg from the usda plants database. These are primarily included because names of species rank are. Research article open access in vitro antibacterial and. Group iv received myristica fragrans extract at a dose of 150mgkg body weight for two weeks followed by cadmium at a dose of 1. Germplasm resources information network grin online database. Data source and references for myristica fragrans nutmeg. Iso 6577 specifies requirements for nutmeg, whole or broken, and for mace, whole or in pieces, obtained from the nutmeg tree myristica flagrans houtt. The ethyl acetate and ethanol extracts of flesh, mace and seed of myristica fragrans was evaluated the bactericidal potential against three grampositive cariogenic bacteria streptococcus mutans atcc 25175, streptococcus mitis atcc 6249, and streptococcus salivarius atcc 419 and three gram.

Pdf the introduction of nutmeg myristica fragrans houtt. The name myristica is derived from the greek word myron, a sweet liquid distilled from the plant everett 1981. In folk medicine, nutmeg has been used to treat gastric disorders and rheumatism, and also as a hypnotic and an aphrodisiac. The plant list includes 470 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus myristica.

Myristica sebifera is a remedy of great antiseptic powers and one of the most efficacious remedies for ulcerative and suppurative conditions in every tissue, especially in cellular tissue and periosteum. A neolignan, erythrosurinamensin and a diaryl phenyl propanoid, virolane were isolated from myristica fragrans for the first time. Myristicin or methoxysafrole is a phenylpropene, a natural organic compound present in small amounts in the essential oil of nutmeg and anise, not verified in body in several members of the carrot family, not verified in body and to a lesser extent in other spicesherbs such as parsley and dill. Message the user has shared this species from india biodiversity portal with you. Pdf phytochemical and pharmacological activity of myristica. While every effort has been made to provide the most reliable and uptodate information available, ultimate legal requirements with respect to species are contained in.

Many traditional treatments have been recommended in the alternative system of medicine for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Myristica fragrans, commonly known as nutmeg has been used as a spice. Oil of nutmeg, indonesian type myristica fragrans houtt. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. Eastern indonesia, formerly called the spice islands. Department of botany, faculty of science, delta state university, abraka, delta state, nigeria. However, it is not a legal authority for statutory or regulatory purposes.

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