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This is the argument of grimshaw 2001, 2002 with respect to economy of structure and grimshaw 2006a with respect to chains, i. Geraldine legendre, jane grimshaw and sten vikner eds. Only certain nominals, called process or complex event nominals have an argument structure args. Linguistic inquiry monograph 18, 19901, journal of semantics, volume 11, issue. This conception of argument structure as a lexical syntactic construct is common to many lexicalist theories of. In this paper we examine the role of events within a theory of lexical semantics. A typological perspective and saw talks by all researchers involved in the.

The astructure of a lexical item is considered as a lexical entry grimshaw 1990. Argument structure in linguistics is an interface between lexical syntax and lexical semantics. Argument structure in russian deverbal nouns in nie problem. Sentence embedding predicates, factivity and subjects 1. Projection, heads, and optimality rutgers university. The role of lexical semantics in the acquisition of verb. Recent work in theoretical syntax has revealed the strong explanatory power of the notions of economy, competition, and optimization. The status of thematic relations in linguistic theory. Home conferences acl proceedings acl 98coling 98 deriving the predicateargument structure for a free word order language. I owe much to maria bittner, my thesis supervisor, for her expertise, patience and inspiration which made this thesis possible. The main analytical focus is on passives, nominals, psychological predicates, and the theory of external arguments. Argument structure has two faces, semantic and syntactic.

We show that the constraints governing the choice of light verb follow from a syntactic approach to argument structure, and that several interpretive differences between complex and simplex. Curriculum vitae may 2011 jane grimshaw citizenship. In the course of argument structure, jane grimshaw suggests that, contrary to the prevailing view, argument structure is in fact structured. Grimshaw, jane 1985 english wh constructions and the theory of grammar. Chapter 4 argument structure and case assigning properties. Grimshaw 1990 also analyzes by as an argumentadjunct. This paper provides an analysis of italian complex predicates formed by combining a feminine nominalization in ata and one of three light verbs. Myers, scott 1984 zero derivation and inflection, in m. The conventionalview of argument structure is that a verb is given a set of arguments and associated diacritics indicating how they are realized. The role of lexical semantics in the acquisition of verb argument structure. Speech and attitude predicates and their subjects pranav anand jane grimshaw valentine hacquard. We would like to thank several people for invaluable comments and discussion in preparation of this paper. If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username.

For each lexical head the input provides an argument structure, and indicates the role. King, jane grimshaw, joan maling, and chris manning. When a higherranked constraint prohibits inversion, no. One can find in literature at least three different hypothesis about what happens to arguments of a. Transparent adjuncts canadian journal of linguistics. Pdf on jan 1, 1998, ken hale and others published the basic elements of argument structure find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. The problem it is generally held that while arguments can be obligatory or optional, depending upon the predicates which select them, adjuncts are always optional. Grimshaw this is probably the question i am asked most frequently, and will take the most space to answer. I wish to thank jane grimshaw, joe emonds, wendy wilkins, peter culicover, edwin williams, noam. This paper investigates transformations of verbal argument structure occurring in the course of nominalization in russian.

Lexicality and argument structure stanford university. For example, in the argumentadjunct proposal of grimshaw. Deriving the predicateargument structure for a free word order language. She is known for her contributions to the areas of syntax, optimality theory, language acquisition, and lexical representation. Volume 11 issue 12 journal of semantics oxford academic. As shown by grimshaw 1990, deverbal nouns do not form a homogeneous class. A compositional variablefree passive a comprehensive. Levin, beth and malka rappaport 1988 nonevent er nominals. When no other auxiliary is available, dosupport occurs to satisfy this constraint, resulting in the presence of an expletive verb. After the oral presentation of mateu 1999, jane grimshaw pointed out to me the well. Deriving the predicateargument structure for a free word. It puts together an original and highly analytical supposition of argument structure that accounts for a. The relational syntax and semantics of argument structure. The most comprehensive work on english nominalization to date is certainly jane grimshaw argument structure, 1990 who argues that deverbal nouns do not form a homogeneous class.

Grimshaw 1990 also discusses the argument structure of nouns. Obligatory adjuncts and the structure of events it. The prominence relations support a new theory of external arguments, with far reaching. In particular, we argue that an event structure can provide a distinct and useful level of representation for linguistic analysis involving the aspectual properties of verbs. Introduction manyrecent studies have appealed to theideathat linguisticsystems aresubject to economy of structure or representation, e. This article argues that inversion of the subject and auxiliary in english matrix questions and elsewhere is the effect of a violable optimalitytheoretic constraint that requires head positions to be filled. Pdf introduction operations on argument structure researchgate. Peter coopmans, martin everaert and jane grimshaw eds, john benjamins. Grimshaw 1993 and 1994 1 assumed an additional constraint, minimal projection. The input for a verbal extended projection is a lexical head plus its argument structure and an. As 1 illustrates, nouns such as examination are ambiguous between an event reading that supports argument structure as, and a nonevent reading that does not. It formulates an original and highly predictive theory of argument structure that accounts for a large number of syntactic phenomena. Pdf projection, heads, and optimality semantic scholar. Verbs, nouns and affixation artemis alexiadou and jane grimshaw.

Background this special issue of linguistics represents the result of a german japanese research project. Transpositions and argument structure springerlink. The massive literature which appeals to last resorts contains several points that are quite striking and support the idea that the concept of a last resort lacks theoretical content in the absence of a. In many cases this means an argument that is present in thematic structure. Unlike other vp adjuncts, passive by does not need to type shift in order to combine with a passive verb. The incompatibility of lexical derivation and postlexical. Curriculum vitae may 2011 jane grimshaw citizenship education. My view is that the input contains three important pieces of information.

The paper has benefited from the comments of participants in the research workshop in argument structure at the department of language and linguistics, university of essex, participants at the workshop on inflection, 8th morphology conference, vienna, 6th february, 1996, the audience at the linguistics association of great britain, spring 1997. Framebased constructional approach to argument structure. The conventional view of argument structure is that a verb is given a set of arguments. The thematic hierarchy and causativity springerlink. According to her, while all verbs have an argument structure, not all nouns do. I thank jane grimshaw for discussing the basic analysis with me at its beginning stage.

Hence it is not ambiguous concerning which argument speci. Projection, heads, and optimality jane grimshaw department of linguistics and center for cognitive science rutgers university. Sentence embedding predicates in this paper, we examine the subjects that embedding predicates can take. Passivization involves changing of active sentences. Argument structure is a contribution to linguistics at the interface between lexical syntax and lexical semantics. The status of thematic relations in linguistic theory authors. First is the set of lexical heads to be organized into a syntactic structure. Construction grammar, frame semantics, framenet, adjunct, argument structure.

The massive literature which appeals to last resorts has several striking properties which suggest that the concept of a last resort lacks theoretical content in the absence of a theory of constraint. Jane grimshaw inspired my interest in the syntax, encouraged me, and helped me in so many ways. They take obligatory complements, just like the verbs to which they are morphologically related. Pranav anand jane grimshaw valentine hacquard uc santa cruz rutgers university umd 1. We limit ourselves to those proposition embedding predicates that. Building grammars entirely upon these elements, optimality theory syntax provides a theory of universal grammar with a formally precise and strongly restricted. Grimshaw, jane 1990 argument structure, mit press, cambridge, ma. We propose a configurational theory of event structure and examine how it contributes to a lexical semantic theory for natural language.

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